Real Estate Contracts and Transactions

You finally found that perfect parcel of property, but the purchase involves multiple parties and the terms are extremely complex.  Or maybe you already own several investment properties, but need an iron clad Lease Agreement to insure both you and your tenants are appropriately protected.  Nowakowski Legal PLLC’s Real Estate division provides full service counsel to assist our clients with their real estate legal needs.  While this section does cover a broad gambit of legal items, the bottom line our clients should be aware of is this; if you have a contract and/or transactional legal issue related to real estate, our office has the knowledge and experience to assist you in navigating your way through it.

Such areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

Real Estate Contracts

When it comes to real estate, good fences make for good neighbors. The same can be said about real estate contracts.  Perhaps you need an iron clad lease agreement for the new rental property you purchased, or perhaps you are entering into a joint venture to purchase a large parcel of developable land.  Either way, you need a legal professional that has experience and knowledge drafting real estate agreements that clearly and definitively set forth the terms between all parties.

Nowakowski Legal PLLC is capable of preparing any type of real estate contract you may require, and will take care to make sure it includes the language necessary to protect your investment. From lease agreement(s) to specialized contracts specifically designed for that high profile real estate purchase you’ve been targeting for months, Nowakowski Legal PLLC has got you covered.

Real Estate Sale(s) and Purchase(s)

Buying or selling a home or property is a major change in a person’s life. It can be one of the most exciting times, but also one of the most terrifying times as well. Anyone that has gone through this process before can tell you that there are always unexpected hurdles or complications that need to be passed. In some instances, having an experienced lawyer available to assist with the purchase/sale of real estate can greatly assist in pushing the deal forward while also insuring that your interests are protected.

Nowakowski Legal PLLC represents all categories of participants in real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers, estate sales, joint purchasers, joint sellers, joint ventures, and others. Whether it’s friendly, hostile, or maybe somewhere in the middle, we are there to help you with all your real estate transaction needs.

Did we not mention a real estate matter that you need help with? No problem! Chances are that we can still help you.  Just contact our office and set up a free consultation and we can fully review your issue and give you an idea as to how Nowakowski Legal PLLC can assist you.

One of the founding principles of Nowakowski Legal PLLC is that we want our relationship to grow alongside our client(s). As your legal needs continue to increase, we hope to always be the law office you turn to when you are in need.