Trademark Law

Your intellectual property is one of your business's most valuable assets.  However, registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark office or acquiring a copyright through the United States Copyright Office can be burdensome.  Let Nowakowski Legal PLLC and its experienced attorney's assist you in acquiring and/or protecting your mark.  Are services range as follows:

Trademark Registration

If you have acquired brand recognition with a product or service, you are going to want to protect that recognition with a registered trademark. Registering your trademark with the USPTO not only offers you a strong amount of protection on your mark, but also lends you your brand a higher level of credibility.  

If you have a brand and/or mark that you wish to have registered, contact Nowakowski Legal PLLC today and schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys.


Trademark Protection 

Trademark infringement occurs when someone wrongfully tries to utilize your mark without your permission.  Depending on how the individual is attempting to infringe, you may have several options available to you.  If the person is attempting to steal your mark by registering it with the USPTO before you have done so, then you would be able to oppose their registration.  If you already have a federally registered trademark and you learn of an unauthorized individual using said mark, you can bring a trademark action against them in federal court.  Again, depending on your circumstances, you could have several options open to yourself for purposes of protecting your mark.

If you believe your trademark is in danger, contact Nowakowski Legal PLLC today and speak with one of our experienced attorneys.  


Did we not mention a trademark item you need help with? No problem! Chances are that we can still help you and your company. Just contact our office and set up a free consultation and we can fully review your issue and give you an idea as to how Nowakowski Legal PLLC can assist you.

One of the founding principles of Nowakowski Legal PLLC is that we want our relationship to grow alongside your business. As your business reaches higher levels of success, and as your legal needs continue to increase, we hope to always be the law office you turn to when you are in need.