Personal Life Law Offerings

Nowakowski Legal PLLC is there to help you, the individual, when life presents a legal roadblock.  The personal portion of our practice places an emphasis of assisting our clients with their estate planning needs, but we are also available to assist with Real Estate and Personal Injury matters as well.  We focus on estate planning as we find this coincides well with our business law provisions; essentially, we do not want to help you  just to build a business, we want to help you to build a legacy.  

Whether you have questions in setting up your first will for your loved ones, purchasing a piece of real estate (whether it be a home or commercial purchase), putting together a trust, or maybe even seeking compensation from an accident that caused you injury, we are there to help.

Please explore the following to learn more about how we can help you:

Wills, Trusts and Estates
Early planning of your estate is essential when you are attempting to build your personal wealth. Nowakowski Legal PLLC is there to help you with all your estate planning needs.
Real Estate Law
Having an experienced attorney to represent you in your commercial or residential real estate transaction is recommended at every step of the process. Nowakowski Legal PLLC is there to help you with all of your real estate legal needs.
Probate Administration and Estate Litigation
Upon the death of a loved one, the administration of their estate will likely need to go through probate administration. In some unfortunate situations, litigation may be necessary to determine the appropriate manner in which the assets are to be distributed. In either event, Nowakowski Legal PLLC can assist you in obtaining a favorable result.