Areas of Practice

Nowakowski Legal PLLC is a Seattle based law office which has focused its practice in the areas of Real Estate Law and Probate/Estate Law. To this end, we have created two main categories of service to help simplify how our office can help you reach your goals; Real Estate Law Offerings and Probate/Estate Law Offerings.  We feel that this keeps it easy for both you to find what you need from our office, and for our office to know how we can best serve you.

Choose from below to learn more about your specific area of interest in hiring our firm.

Estate and Probate Offerings

Nowakowski Legal PLLC is here to assist you with your needs as they pertain to you or your loved ones estate. With that in mind, we offer the following estate related legal services.

Real Estate Law Offerings

Nowakowski Legal PLLC wants to help our clients feel secure in all of their real estate transactions. With that in mind, we offer the following real estate related legal services.